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House of Tartan Ltd

Drummond Street

Tel +44 1764 679000
Fax +44 1764 679002

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Cufflinks House of Tartan Premium
Illustrated in
Pride of Scotland

Art.-Nr.: 79777
Cufflinks House of Tartan Premium
- Pride of Scotland
Our cuff links sets are made to order using the actual fabric possibly taken from matching garments - kilt or waistcoat or even a tie or tammie. Over 1000 tartans available but if your choice is not on the list please email your request
Preis: (without tax) 20.79
(American Dollars) ($34.03)
  • Size: 15mm diameter
  • Made from real tartan fabric
  • Crafted Pewter Mount
  • Made in the UK
Anzahl: (in Items)
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