Q: My brothers may look gorgeous in their kilts but I am the bride! How can I display my heritage and my femininity, and still be princess for the day?
For a long while it has seemed, unfairly, as though the menfolks are the beneficiaries of Scotland's unique and beautiful national fabric. However, House of Tartan provide a unique personal "weave to order" service to produce the luxurious pure silk sash or wedding arisaid in your tartan, for an irresistably romantic addition to the bridal gown. To be inspired, CLICK HERE

Q: Help! I am a soon-to-be Scots Groom. What do I wear?
Actually, you are spoilt for choice. Whichever style of wedding you are having you can incorporate the flavour of your heritage whichever way you please.

The Prince Charlie formal highland outfit is still the classic choice. This elegant outfit, comprising the evening jacket and collar shirt with the swing of the kilt, always makes a handsome Groom.

> For a more rugged, youthful look, the Jacobean shirt outfit is extremely popular, and just as suitable for a proud Scots Groom.

Many also choose to wear the Fly Plaid. In recent years, there has been a move towards wearing the Tartan Fly Plaid over the left shoulder, fastened with a clan brooch.

Finally, the Kilt, beautiful as it is, does not appeal to everybody. For those who still wish to display their clan affiliations, the Tartan Trews outfit is a respectably formal tartan outfit, and makes an ideal alternative for those who would rather keep their legs under wraps!

And the good news is whichever you decide on, House of Tartan can have your outfit made-to-measure, with the tartan of your choice, for yourself, and any male relatives who require highland dressing.
CLICK HERE to browse the Highland Menswear.

How can we include my Bridesmaid's in the Scottish theme?
This year House of Tartan has launched a new service, so that you can now complement the bride with tartan-clad bridesmaids. Gorgeous, flowing silk fabric can now be made-to-order for your dressmakers in the tartan of your choice, for exciting options for the Scottish wedding bridesmaids. This may also prove an appealing alternative for an adventurous bride. EMAIL now

Q: The children would look so adorable in their own kilts can I get these made too?
Yes, of course! Kilts, Highland Shirts, Tartan Waistcoats (vests) or trousers can all be
made-to-order for a proud Pageboy. Flower girls can also be decked out in dupion or dress silk tartan so they can be aware of their heritage, and feel truly involved in the wedding theme.

Q: My family name does not have its own tartan yet I am proud of my Scots heritage, and feel I should have a tartan to wear on my big day!

Many Scottish family's are affiliated to a Clan or District, whose tartan they may wear. There is also a choice of attractive universal "Caledonia" tartans to choose from. To enter the world of tartans and find one perfect for you select the "Clan Connections" page to discover your Tartan Connection or, if you know your tartan, the "Tartan Finder" at http://www.house-of-tartan.scotland.net . Alternatively, you may e-mail House of Tartan directly for friendly, personal advice on which tartan to wear, and what to buy.

Q: My family name has its own tartan but I don't like it! Am I restricted by heritage to wearing colours which simply aren't me?

There are alternatives which still allow you to adhere proudly to tradition. Many clans have a range of tartans, created throughout the ages for combat, hunting, dancing, or to mark an event. To choose from your clan's colours, key in your family name on our "Clan Connections" page at http://www.house-of-tartan.scotland.net where you can view and compare tartans.

Alternatively, key in "Caledonia" for a selection of popular and attractive universal Scottish tartans. The world of tartan is ever offering new ideas, such as the "Pride of Scotland " tartan, and the "Millenium " tartan, so a Scot need never be lacking in inspiration. E-mail House of Tartan direct with any queries, and you will receive constructive, friendly advice for your forthcoming Scottish Wedding.

Q: I really want to wear my tartan but nowhere seems to stock it! What can I do?
Simple! You can have your own production run for surprisingly small quantities! Let House
of Tartan weave your tartan to order, and have all your Highlandwear and Tartan accessories beautifully made and delivered to your door, while you carry on with the other million things you have to do! To enter the unique world of webweave CLICK HERE

Q: So Much to buy, So much to think about, I need a quick list of all my Scottish purchases to be made!

We can't plan you entire wedding and you wouldn't want us to - but we can simplify things for you! Below, see your handy reminder for all your Tartan or Scottish purchases which need to be made. This includes a quick link to the relevant page, from which you can order Securely on-line. And please E-MAIL us directly for anything you can't find or would like information on , for friendly, personal advice throughout your Scottish Wedding planning!

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