Royal Airforce

Now available for sale having gained official approval
Tartan Universe still on Lock-down as at 3rd April 2020

Sorry Folks! The Tartan & Textile industry is still on enforced furlough for a few more weeks. Everyone here is safe but had to go off and do whatever we can from home. In the meantime, the anti-virus on our website still works fine. But if for some reason our phone doesn’t get answered, it’s because the re-direct isn’t working and BT are too short-staffed to help. PLEASE email and we can call or email you back. And be assured, our fine, dedicated industry will be re-booting as soon as it can!
Fabric Wool Lightweight Twill
Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight Twill 415 T1
Kilt, Classic Medium Weight Kilt
Kilt, Infants Stock Tartan (age 1 - 4)

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