Tartan, Classic Car Upholstery
Featherweight Plain Weave T3
Fabric Panel, Material in Any Tartan
Fabric, Wool, Lightweight Twill
Lightweight Wool Twill 335
Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight, Irish 335-12
Fabric, Lightweight Wool Twill, 335-2
Fabric, Tartan, Mediumweight, Irish County 360
Mediumweight Wool 360 Twill Old and Rare
Fabric, Wool, Mediumweight, Dancers 380
Wool, Mediumweight Twill 415
Fabric Wool Mediumweight Twill 415
Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Heavyweight DESIGNER
Heavyweight Twill 512
Fabric Wool Regimental Heavyweight 570
Wool Heavyweight 510
Fabric, Tartan, Poly Cotton, Lightweight
Fabric, Tartan, Poly/Vis, Apparel & Furnishing
Fabric, Tartan, Poly/Wool, Mediumweight 375-5
Fabric, Tartan, Silk-effect Polyester in ANY Tartan
Fabric, Tartan, Dupion  Silk, Pride of Scotland
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