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Sashes Scarves Stoles Squares and Shawls

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Scarf, Light Weight TWILL weave wool, Tartan Product Ref: 45 Price without tax
Scarf, Light Weight TWILL weave wool, Tartan
The True Tartan Standard. 'Matching' scarf in a 10oz lightweight 100% Pure New Wool, which in most cases will help you to achieve the best match with other garments in the same Tartan. Hemmed sides, fringed ends. This scarf is not brushed or fluffed up, just the natural twill woven fabric.

Handfasting Ties, Tartan, Sateen Product Ref: 912 Price without tax
Handfasting Ties, Tartan, Sateen
Can't find your tartan? Your search is over. Set of two beautiful, soft-handle, sateen printed Tartan Handfasting Ties in ANY tartan. Also known as Hand-fasting Ribbons or Cords. Specially made in Bridal Quality Satin.Order the pair joined together in one long piece or two Separate (un-joined) lengths. Any tartan for the special day. Made to order in Scotland for hand-fasting ceremonies at weddings, Traditional, Humanist or Celtic. Can represent the wedding couples' own tartan selection or follow family tartans. Presentation Box.
Tell us which tartans or other customisation you require for your handfasting ceremony. Note: you may need copyright permission for certain tartans.