Wedding Hire at House of Tartan

This is a FULL Outfit, everything you need is included. Jacket & Waistcoat (choice of 5 styles); Kilt & Kilt-pin; Shirt, Cufflinks, Neckwear; Belt & Buckle; Sporran; Sgian Dubh (replica); Hose & Flashes and Ghillie Brogues. House of Tartan® has partnered with Cameron Ross the world's leading Highland Dress Hire business to offer an unrivalled selection of quality tartans.


Black Watch; Spirit of Scotland; Flower of Scotland; Douglas Modern; Royal Stewart; Hunting Stewart; Ben Lomond; Robertson Hunting Modern; Gordon Dress; Scottish National; Irish National & Welsh National.


Scottish Spirit
Blue Spirit

Black Spirit

Grey Spirit

Help for Heroes

Spirit of Bannockburn

Matching Ribbon is AVAILABLE TO MATCH all hire tartans, and matching accessories for most

Please visit us in Crieff; phone 01764 656671 or email us here.

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