Complete Outfit, Brian Baru Formal Dress

Brian Baru Kilted Formal Dress

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Brian Baru Kilted Formal Dress
A complete Irish Kilt Dress outfit ideal for Formal Evening wear, weddings and social events. Made to Order from 100% Barathea wool with the distinctive Irish cut.
Price: £799.00 (without tax)
  • Size: 32 - 46 inch
  • Traditional 8 yard kilt in 13oz Pure New Wool worsted fabric
  • Barathea Jacket, Vest, Black Satin Bow -Tie, Wing Collar White Cotton Shirt
  • Dress Sporran and Chain, Kilt Pin and Sgian Dhu
  • Tartan Flashes and Kilt Hose, Black Gillie Brogues with Leather sole. Made to Order
  • Sleeve lengths for regular chest sizes: 36=23.5, 38=24, 40=24.5, 42=25, 44=25, 46=25, 1" less for short fitting, 1" more for long fitting.

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