Fabric, Tartan, Silk-effect Polyester

Fabric, Tartan, Silk-effect Polyester
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Fabric, Tartan, Silk-effect Polyester
If you've just designed a new tartan or your tartan has never been woven or is out of weave, this beautiful fabric is for you. You've never seen your tartan look so good. Especially if your tartan has been discontinued in traditional silk. Made in Scotland. This is a lustrous, washable, silk-effect medium-slub fabric in your choice of ANY tartan. Versatile, suitable for dressmaking. Creates a stunning result in any tartan. Please Note: One-sided print in polyester fabric, so reverse side always white. Ribbon available to match.
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Price: £29.12 (without tax)
  • Width: 109 cm (43 in)
  • MINIMUM ORDER 3 meters
  • Ideal for Ladies Garments, Outfits and Occasional Wear
  • Allow 2-3 weeks

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