Kilt, 4 x 4 Sportskilt ™, MacLellan Tartan

Kilt,  4 x 4 Sportskilt ™, MacLellan Tartan

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Kilt, 4 x 4 Sportskilt ™, MacLellan Tartan
The Outdoor Utility Kilt you can wash. Comes with two side-pockets (trouser style) and four loops to keep your belt where you want it. This truly is the 4 X 4 of the Kilt World, with a travel-friendly Kilt Pin you can never lose. Chunky 4/5 Yard kilt, Scottish-Made to your measurements in a hard-wearing 12/13 oz Polyester/Viscose mixture and your choice of 4 beautifully embroidered Kilt Pin styles. ORDER PLAIN if your prefer to wear your own Pin.
Price: £185.00 (without tax)
  • Made to Order in Scotland. Allow 4-5 weeks.
  • Washable
  • Soil-Resistant finish
  • Side pockets
  • 4 Kilt Pin Styles available, or order Plain

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