Fabric, Tartan PolyVis Apparel & Furnishing, MacBean, McBain

Fabric, Tartan, Poly/Vis, Apparel & Furnishing, MacBean, McBain

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Fabric, Tartan, Poly/Vis, Apparel & Furnishing, MacBean, McBain
A versatile, beautifully finished fabric. Washable and hard-wearing best seller. For Apparel, Games Kilts, Sports Kilts, Billie Kilts, Washable Kilted Skirts, Kiddies Kilts, Golf Pants, Casual Kilts, Light upholstery, Table coverings, Soft furnishings. A lustrous 65% / 35% Polyester Viscose mixture with a firm handle that holds a nice sharp pleat.
Price: £17.00 (without tax)
  • Size: Full Width, 152cm (60 inches)
  • The Tartan Industry's all-round favourite alternative to wool.
  • Washable. Mid weight 375 g/lm (13oz)
  • Works for Vegans, Tartan Wearers with Wool allergies.
  • Made in the UK.

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