Cummerbund & Bow -Tie Set, Silk-Effect Dupion

Cummerbund & Bow -Tie Set,  Silk-Effect Dupion

Cummerbund in MacKay Ancient with both Ready Tied and Self Tie bowties
Cummerbund in MacKay Ancient with Ready Tied bow tie
Cummerbund in MacKay Ancient with Self Tie bow tie
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Cummerbund & Bow -Tie Set, Silk-Effect Dupion
Cummerbund & Bow-tie set. Made in Scotland. The locally developed alternative to the discontinued Dupion silk no longer being imported.The result is an authentic Silk-effect Dupion in polyester substrate with a slub-surface. Choose Self-Tie or Ready-tied Bow tie. A favourite for weddings, Burns Nights. Choose from over 80 tartans. Made to Order in Scotland, allow 4-5 weeks to shipping. NOTE: If your tartan is not on the Drop down list below, yours COULD be one of the over 11 000 tartans that've been designed, perhaps even registered but for some reason are NOT commercially available as fabric. Not available means mills don't have fabric on the roll we can use to make up products for you. The Silk-effect Dupion fabric developed for us bridges this gap... unless you are willing to commit to a minimum weave of cloth to get your BowTie made from.
Price: £62.46 (without tax)
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Available in over 80 tartans (for all other tartans see 'Products in ANY Tartan' or contact us)
  • Choice of Ready Tied or Self-tie
  • Made in Scotland, Allow 4-5 weeks to shipping


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