Sash, Tartan, Silk Twill Weave

Sash, Tartan,  Silk Twill Weave

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Sash, Tartan, Silk Twill Weave
These made to order high quality, luxurious pure dress silk sashes are a joy to own and wear. They are individually woven on an old fashioned sash loom with a selvedge on either side. Family Heirloom. A perfect gift or presentation item. Made to Order in Scotland. Apparently this product has been withdrawn, and indefinitely, sorry.
  • Size: 30 x 228cm
  • Luxury pure twill woven silk with double selvedge
  • Suitable for weddings, dances and special occasions
  • Although only Modern colours are listed you can choose from the drop down list
  • *** Delivery schedule *** weeks ***
  • NOTE: Extended wait time - delays likely.


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