Fabric, Tartan, Wool, Mediumweight Twill 415 T1

Wool, Mediumweight Twill 415

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Wool, Mediumweight Twill 415
The finest of 13/14 oz medium weight traditional kilting fabrics. In top quality 100% Pure New Wool. Also used for waistcoats, trousers, trews, skirts, and furnishings when lighter weights unavailable. Double width (140cm 54 inches). Woven in Scotland. 3.66 m (4 yards) required for a kilt. Over 150 tartans available in this highly regarded quality, including the Royal Air Force tartan.
Price: £48.33 (without tax)
  • Size: 140cm (54 in) wide
  • Over 150 tartans available
  • 100% Pure New Wool
  • Kilting selvege
  • Woven in Scotland
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