Shoes, Ghillie Brogues, Dark Brown

Ghillie Brogues, Dark Brown

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Ghillie Brogues, Dark Brown
Ghillie Brogues in stunning Dark Brown calf leather, traditional ankle lacing with tasseled ends. Stitched leather soles, Comfort insole. Heel Quarter Iron. As of today, this is the only proper Dark Brown Ghillie Brogue in the world. (Camel Ghillie Brogues are also available.) Stocks limited. Get them while available. Sorry no size 12, or 6.
Price: £97.50 (without tax)
  • Size: UK 6 to 12 (including half sizes)
  • Heel Quarter Iron
  • Rich Dark brown (Camel coloured Ghillie Brogues also available)
  • Long Up-Laces with fringed leather tassels
  • Leather soles (for dancing)
  • Stocks limited

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